3 reasons to site walk with your snow removal contractor

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3 reasons to site walk with your snow removal contractor

Now that the fall colours have started to set upon Southern Ontario, we will soon start seeing the white stuff falling from the sky. For some this can be a welcome sight. For others it means heavy jackets, salt covered boots, and long hours removing snow.

Before the snow flies, it is a great time to have a site walk with your snow removal contractor to help ensure your landscape looks great after winter. During your walk, discuss the finer points of snow removal. It helps to be able to see the ground, where the planting beds are, and how the land slopes. Understanding the site, how the melting snow will go, can help to reduce the damage to your landscape.

Morning after a early spring freezing rain

Morning after an early spring freezing rain storm

Here are three reasons why you should define where the contractor piles the snow:

      1. The heavy snow being forcefully pushed or dropped into the bed can cause perennials and shrubs to be ripped out of the ground or crushed to death.
      2. The weight of the dropping snow and ice can cause soil compaction which makes it harder for plants to grow.
      3. Salt in the cleared snow can build up to toxic levels for plants.


Planting beds receiving large amounts of snow usually do not fair as well as sod (grass) areas, or better yet, concrete or asphalt parking areas. Define which planting beds the contractor should avoid or if there is no room, truck the snow offsite.

Feel free to give us a call, and we can walk your site with your contractor and you to create a plan for the snowy season.

I hope these suggestions help to keep your landscape looking its best after the winter. Sign up for our newsletter for more tips regarding all aspects of the landscape from site plan approval process for new developments, trail design tips through to maintenance tips like this post.

I appreciate your time in reading this post and look forward to your comments, questions and the tips you have found useful.


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