4 tips to reduce poisoning your landscape

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4 tips to reduce poisoning your landscape

Winter Stream

Winter Stream – One reason to help reduce your salt use.

Here are four tips to help reduce poisoning of your landscape soils during winter. Less poison (not the rock band but salt – Sodium Chloride) in the soil will help to ensure your landscape looking good after winter. Discuss with your snow removal contractor these 4 points will help to ensure a healthy looking landscape after winter is over.

  1. Reduce your de-icing usage as much as possible. Do you require all walkways or roadways to be used or can you close areas to reduce your maintenance during winter?
      • Some office buildings have large concrete patio areas that are not used in the winter. These areas offer good places to reduce your winter maintenance and salt usage.
      • Ensure all fire exits are correctly maintained per the fire safety codes requirements in your area.
  2. If available in your area, look for a contractor which is certified through the Smart About Salt Program.
    • Smart About Salt certified contractors know techniques to reduce their salt usage and help to reduce the amount of salt entering our groundwater, streams, rivers, and lakes.
    • Better yet become a Smart About Salt certified site. Review the smartaboutsalt.com website for details. Benefits include (source: Smartaboutsalt.com):
      • Reduce your costs for winter salt management
      • Qualify for insurance premium discounts
  3. If you do need to use a lot of salt to keep your main walkways free of ice, after the snow/ice event has finished and the salt has dried, sweep up the excess salt for future reuse.
  4. Use salt alternates that are safer for plants. De-icers such as potassium chloride or magnesium chloride can reduce soil poisoning from sodium.

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Hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post and look forward to your comments, questions and the unusual tips you have found useful.


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