Four tips to help your landscape to look good after winter

ByKevin Post

Four tips to help your landscape to look good after winter

Now that Halloween has come and gone for Southern Ontario, we will soon start seeing the white stuff falling from the sky. For some this can be a welcome sight, for others it means heavy jackets, salt covered boots, and long hours removing snow.

Halloween evening

Lots of candy for Mr Lego Man.

Here are a few quick tips to talk with your landscape and snow removal contractors to help your landscape to look its best after winter is over.

  1. Snow Removal
    • Define areas away from your planting beds to place the large amounts of snow throughout the winter. Monitor these areas to ensure your contractor is keeping the snow away from those areas.
    • Check out this blog for more tips:
  2. Salt
    • Become a Smart About Salt (SAS) certified site.
    • Check out this blog for more info about becoming an SAS certified site and additional tips to reduce salt:
  3. Wrap your evergreens
    • Wrapping your evergreens with burlap cloth to reduce salt burn.
    • Also, the wrapping holds the evergreens together and shields the plant from crushing snow and/or ice loads which can pull down and break the branches.
  4. Springtime
    • Rinse the salt away with water from planting beds next to heavy salt use areas, such as near the main walkways leading to entrances.

I hope these suggestions help to keep your landscape looking its best after the winter. Sign up for our newsletter for more tips regarding all aspects of the landscape from site plan approval process for new developments, trail design tips through to maintenance tips like this post.

I appreciate your time in reading this post and look forward to your comments, questions and the tips you have found useful.


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