Kevin's portrait
Kevin’s portrait

I feel that our society has forgotten to take time out to view our surroundings, to think, and to reflect. More importantly, we are forgetting to take time out to connect with each other. Our shallow, chronic rapid sharing of today’s events prevents in-depth conversations and personal reflection. Spending time outdoors, both running and on adventures is this break for me! It is a level field where income level and status does not matter. Working on my art during these adventures, allows me to reflect and to see the wonderful natural beauty that surrounds us all! I view my work as a catalyst to start a conversation and to connect our stories. The inspiration for my art comes from hiking, running and canoeing both on well-travelled routes and trails less known.

Mainly self-taught, I have been creating art since I was very young. I have experimenting with a lot of mediums: acrylic, oil and watercolor paints, needlepoint, paper toll, fly tying, graphite and charcoal pencil, airbrush, and pen and ink,  leather craft, lampworking (making glass beads), woodworking. I have even helped to create gothic and steampunk fashion accessories, which one item was featured in The Toronto Star Living section. Between 2004 to 2017, I was a landscape architect, which was both demanding and creative outlet, focusing on planting design, plans and 3D fly-thoughts. Unfortunately my career in landscape architecture caused me to lose inspiration for my art and fueled a dichotomy from natural beauty into a forced landscape. In 2011, my art kit once again started to tag along on camping and cottage trips. By the end of 2016 I started to focus more on painting and sketching, honing my skills mostly in watercolour, pen & ink. Beginning of 2017, I started my slow story in becoming a full-time artist. One that I am still in the process of.