Art Commissions

3D Rendering and CAD

Are you having troubles getting you costumers understand your designs? Or maybe you are having troubles seeing your own design concept within your client’s existing space? 3D renderings and photo merges can solve these problems!

My client’s find 3D rendering and/or photo merge images, presenting their proposed ideas to their clients greatly increases clarity and reduces confusion, while increasing the chances of landing more quality projects. We have also found, it can help to decreasing the back and forth headache allowing you more time to work on the project and finding more potential projects.

To take your presentation to the next level, 3D flythrough can be prepared. Since, the 3D renderings are created to a real world scale in Sketchup; 1 inch (or millimeter) in the 3D rendering is the real world size of 1 inch (or millimeter ), quick production of accurate 2D plans for construction and/or dfx files for export to CNC laser cutters can be realized. Contact me to learn more.